Casey Wood

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Musical Instruments

Here's a selection of some studio instruments:
Keyboards Samick SG-155 Baby Grand Piano
Fender Rhodes 73 (student model)
Hammond M3 (1955)
Estey Harmonium
Casio VZ-1
M-Audio Keystation Pro
Drums Noble & Cooley 15x18 bass drum CD Maples
Noble & Cooley 18x22 bass drum CD Maples
Noble & Cooley 14x16 Tom CD Maples
Noble & Cooley 13x14 Tom CD Maples
Noble & Cooley 9x12 Tom CD Maples
Noble & Cooley 8x10 Tom CD Maples
Noble & Cooley 7.5x8 Tom CD Maples
Noble & Cooley 16x20 bass drum Horizons
Noble & Cooley 14x16 Tom Horizons
Noble & Cooley 12x14 Tom Horizons
Noble & Cooley 9x12 Tom Horizons
Noble & Cooley 8x10 Tom Horizons
Yamaha 14x18 Bass Drum Recording Custom
Yamaha 8x12 Tom Recording Custom
Yamaha 14x14 Tom Recording Custom
Yamaha 8x8 Tom Recording Custom
Yamaha 8x10 Tom Recording Custom
Yamaha 8x12 Tom Recording Custom
Yamaha 10x14 Tom Recording Custom
Yamaha 13x15 Tom Recording Custom
Yamaha 16x16 Tom Recording Custom
Yamaha 16x22 Bass Drum Recording Custom
Yamaha 14x22 Bass Drum 8000 Series
Yamaha 8x10 Tom 8000 Series
Yamaha 8x12 Tom 9000 Series
Yamaha 9x13 Tom 9000 Series
Yamaha 16x16 9000 Series
Noble & Cooley 18x20 bass drum Star
Noble & Cooley 6x10 Tom Star
Noble & Cooley 6x13 Tom Star
Noble & Cooley 8x16 Tom Star
Slingerland 14x20 bass Drum (x2) Jun-66
Slingerland 8x12 Tom Jun-66
Slingerlnd 16x16 Tom Jun-66
Slingerland 9x13 Tom Mar-66
Gretsch 14x22 SSB Bass Drum
Gretsch 8x12 SSB Tom
Gretsch 9x13 SSB Tom
Gretsch 10x14 SSB Tom
Gretsch 16x16 Floor Tom
Marching Bass Drum 26"
Snares Noble & Cooley 7x14 Star Series
Noble & Cooley 5x14 SS Series
Noble & Cooley 3.75x14 SS Series
Noble & Cooley 4.75x14 Alloy Classic
Noble & Cooley 4.5x14 HP Series
Noble & Cooley 4.5x13 HP Series
Gretsch 4103 5x15 Snare
Noble & Cooley 4.5x14 CD Maple
Yamaha Sonny Emory Signature 5.5x14
Yamaha 5.5x14 Paul Leim Signature Snare
Yamaha 5.5x14 Copper w/Die Cast
Yamaha 4x14 Peter Erskine Signature Snare #436 of 750
Yamaha 5x14 Dave Weckl Siganture Maple Snare
Gretsch 7153 6.5x14 Floor Show
Sakae 5.5x14 Mahogany
Pearl 6.5x14 Masters Series
Ludwig LM402 6.5x14 Supraphonic
Ludwig LM411 6.5x14 SuperSensative
Ludwig LM400 5x14 Supraphonic
Rogers 10x14 Newport Model
Slingerland 5x14 Artist solid shell (custom)
Keller 5x14 maple ply custom
Pearl 3.5x13 Maple Piccolo
Slingerland 5x14 Student Model Jun-66
Leedy 12x16 Parade Snare (Slingerland era) 66
Cymbals Istanbul 20" Vezir Ride
Istanbul Agop 21" Mel Lewis Ride
Istanbul 20" Regular Ride
Istanbul Mehmet 20" Jazz Ride
Bosphorous 22" Turk Ride
Bosphorous 19" Traditional Jazz Ride
Istanbul Mehmet 20" Flat Top Ride
Istanbul Mehmet 20" Samatya Ride
Istanbul 14" Turk HiHats
Istanbul 13" Regular HiHats
Istanbul 14" Mel Lewis HiHats
Bosphorous 14" Traditional HiHats
Istanbul Mehmet 14" Samatya HiHats
Istanbul Agop 15" Signature HiHats
Istanbul Mehmet 18" Thin Crash
Istanbul Mehmet 18" Sultan Crash
Istanbul Mehmet 17" Med Thin Crash
Istanbul Agop 17" Thin Crash
Istanbul 16" Thin Crash (x2)
Istanbul 14" Thin Crash
Istanbul 10" Splash
Bosphorus 18" Antique Series Thin Crash
Bosphorus 19" Masters Series Thin Crash
Turkish 18" Super Symphonic Crash Cymbals
UFIP 9" Class Series Splash
Wuhan 18" China
World Percussion 12" China
Mallets Adams 4.3 Octave Concert Marimba
Adams AV1 Concert Vibraphone
Adams Orchestral Glockenspiel
Musser Concert Glockenspiel
Musser Marching Bells
Percussion Treeworks Windchimes
LP Caliente 11 and 12 Congas
Meinl Cajon
Remo 14" Djembe
Noble & Cooley 12 and 13 SS Timbales
Ludwig 13 and 14" Chrome Timbales
LP Matador Bongos
Vaughncraft Tambourine
Grover Tambourine
Meinl Tambourine
Grover Triangle
Misc Shakers
Misc Cowbells
LP Afuche-Cabasa
Other Instruments Fender Vintage Vibe Stratocaster
Pearl Open Holed Flute
Honher Accordian (Button Box)
Misc Harmonicas
Software Synths MOTU Electric Keys
MOTU Mach 5 v2
Propellerheads Reason v4
NI Komplete 5
Alicia Keys NI Library
Amplifiers Leslie 3300
Fender Superchamp XD
Epiphone Rivoli
Fender Princeton (Silver face)

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