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Selected Discogrphy

Artist Album Name Role
10th Concession 10th Concession Engineer
America Back Pages OD Engineer
Andrew Gorczyca Reflections - And Act Of Glass Engineer
Angela Kaset Underneath a Vincent VanGogh Sky Engineer, Musician
Arlo Gilliam Arlo Gilliam Engineer, Mixing
Ayla Brown Ayla Brown OD Engineer, Mixing
B.J. Thomas The Living Room Sessions Engineer
Big Al Anderson Pawn Shop Guitars Engineer
Big Al Anderson After Hours Engineer
Brandon Lay Me and Dixie Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Bruce Brown Off The Edge Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Bryan White Dustbowl Dreams Mixing
Buddy Guy Rhythm and Blues Engineer
Cade Doyle Leave Your Mark Engineer, Mixing
Cars Lightning McQueen's Fast Tracks Mixing
Cars Mater's Car Tunes Mixing
Cathy-Anne McClintock Cathy-Anne McClintock Engineer
Charles Milling Soul Mother Mixing
Charlie Daniels Joy To The World Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Charlie Daniels Deuces Engineer, Assistant
Charlie Daniels Land That I Love Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Charlie Daniels Band Off The Grid: Doin' It Dylan Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Chris Cagle Chris Cagle Assistant
Citron Bibbitovy Panbu Mastering
Clementi Clementi Engineer
Colt Ford Every Chance I Get Engineer
Confederate Railroad Rockin' Country Party Pack Assistant
Crackel Barrell Songs Of The Year Engineer
Danielle Bloom Meet Me In The Middle Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Danni Leigh A Shot Of Whiskey And A Prayer Assistant, Musician
Dave Keefer Cinnamon and Bourbon Mixing, Mastering
Dave Pardue Mrs. Lightning's Valentine Assistant
David Mead Indiana Engineer
David Oakleaf  David Oakleaf and the Open Road Mastering
David Oakleaf  Beautiful Vice Mastering
Doug Moore Appalachain Road Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Druha Trava Shuttle To Bethlehem Engineer, Mastering
Dustin Lynch Where It's At Engineer, Musician
Eamonn McCrystal When In Nashville Engineer
Eamonn McCrystal A Living Prayer Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Eliska Ptackova Svym Zpusobem Mixing, Mastering
Felix Cavaliere, Steve Cropper Midnight Flyer Engineer
Ferttita and McClintock After All This Time Assistant
Fran McKendree Rise Mixing
Fran McKendree Awake Mixing, Mastering
George Strait Somewhere Down In Texas Engineer, Musician
George Strait It Just Comes Natural Assistant
Georgia Middleman Unchanged Mixing
Grand Ole Opry How Great Thou Art Mixing
Guster Ganging Up On The Sun Engineer, Assistant
Handy Manny Songs Inspired by the TV Series Engineer
Heather Eatman Real Musician
J.D Souther Natural History Engineer
James Dupree It's All Happenning Engineer, Musician
Jason Herndon Arlington Drive and Other Stories Mastering
Jean Gauthier Feels Like Home Mastering
Jeff Bates Leave The Light On Musician
Jeff Harding Look East Mixing
Jeff Janikowski Concussion Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Jeffery Steele Something In The Water Assistant
Jeffrey Steele Gold, Platinum, No Chrome, More Steele Engineer, Mixing
Jeffrey Steele Hell On Wheels Engineer
Jennifer Clarke More Than I Have Engineer, Mixing
Jennifer Clarke Just About Gone Engineer, Mixing
Jennifer Clarke Time Flies Engineer, Mixing
Jim Brickman The Magic Of Christmas Engineer
Jimmy Buffett Take The Weather With You Assistant
Jimmy Buffett Live At Wrigley Field Engineer
Jimmy Webb Just Across The River Engineer
Jimmy Webb Still Within The Sound Of My Voice Engineer
Joe Matheson Long Gone Lonesome Engineer, Mixing
Joe Nichols Crickets Engineer, Musician
John Hiatt The Tiki Bar Is Open Assistant
John Landry Someday Assistant
Johnny Mathis Sending You A Little Christmas Engineer
Joy Lynn White One More Time Engineer, Musician
Judy Akin Seasoned Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Julia Into The Unknown Engineer
Justin Moore Off The Beaten Path Engineer
Keith Perry Inspirational Favorites Assistant
Kenny Roger Amazing Grace Engineer
Kenny Rogers The Love Of God Engineer
Kristin Porter By The Light Of The Moon Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Kyle Andrews Amos In Ohio Mastering
Lark Watts This Town Engineer, Mixing
Laura Bryna Trying To Be Me Engineer
Lauren Lucas On With The Show Engineer, Mixing
Lee Ann Womack I Hope You Dance Assistant
Lional Richie Tuskegee OD Engineer
Luvjoi Luvjoi Mastering
Lylas Karols In The Key Of G Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Lynda Carter Crazy Little Things Engineer
Lynda Carter At Last Engineer
Make Out With Violence Soundtrack Mastering
Manny Pacquiao Sometimes When We Touch Engineer
Marie Sisters Marie Sisters Assistant
Marshall Chapman Big Lonesome Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Marshall Chapman Blaze Of Glory Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Max Abrams Sway Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Max Abrams Christmas Jazz Engineer, Mixing, Musician
McKendree Spring No. 9 Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Mindy Smith Long Island Shores Engineer
Moe Denham The Soul Jazz Sessions Engineer
Montgomery Gentry My Town Assistant
Moore And Preston Midnight Train Mixing, Mastering, Musician
Moore and Preston On The Border Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Nashville Star The Finalists Engineer
Natalie Grace Permission To Fly Mixing
November 2nd Walk With Me Mastering
Plumb Beautiful Lumps Of Coal Engineer
Precious Moments Hallelujah Country Engineer
Radney Foster And Then There's Me Engineer, Musician
Radney Foster Are You Ready For The Big Show? Engineer
Radney Foster Another Way To Go Engineer
Rahsaan Barber Triosoul Engineer, Mixing
Randy Houser How Country Feels Engineer, mixing, Musician
Randy Travis Passing Through Engineer, Musician, Assistant
Randy Travis The Very Best Of Engineer
Randy Travis Rise And Shine Engineer
Randy Travis Around The Bend Engineer, Musician, Assistant
Randy Travis Glory Train Engineer, Musician, Assistant
Randy Travis Songs Of The Season Engineer, Musician, Assistant
Randy Travis Worship And Faith Engineer
Randy Travis Christmas On The Pecos Engineer, Mixing
Randy Travis Influence, Vol.1: The Man I Am Engineer
Randy Travis Influence, Vol.2: The Man I Am Engineer
Reba McEntire Duets Engineer
Restless Heart Still Restless Engineer, Assistant
Rita Wilson AM/FM OD Engineer
Robert Cray Shoulda Been Home Assistant
Robin English Girl In Love Engineer
Sandi Anders The Alchemy of Peace and Love Mixing
Schvilkus Genrealization Assistant
Scuttlebuttin' Makes Me Feel Alive Mastering
Shane Lamb Disengage Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Shane Lamb Better Here Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Sheila Walsh Peace Assistant
Sound And Shape Hourglass Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Sparkledrive Sparkledrive Assistant
Steve Forbert Just Like There's Nothin' To It Engineer
Superdrag In The Valley Of Dying Stars Assistant
TCGC Call The Lord Mixing, Editing
The 5 o'Clock Band In The Hands Of The Maker Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
The Derailers Genuine Engineer, Assistant
The Gaels Live At The White Horse Tavern Editing, MIX
The Imus Ranch Record The Imus Ranch Record Engineer, Assistant
The Kinleys II Assistant
The Leonard Small Situation The Leonard Small Situation Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
The Leonard Small Situation Twas The Night B-3 Christmas Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician
The New Czars Doomsday Revloution Engineer
The Road Hammers The Road Hammers Engineer, Assistant
Thunder Brother Eggs and Toast Engineer, Mixing
Tim Taylor Music From Big Beige Mastering
Tracy Byrd Greatest Hits Assistant
Tristan Israel The Sound After The Flash Mastering
Tyler James An EP Musician
Webb Pierce Caught In The Webb Assistant
Williams Riley A Different Kind Of Country Engineer, Mixing, Musician
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