10th Concession  10th Concession: Engineer  

Adam Craig  Just A Phase (single):  Engineer, Mixing, Musician 

America Back  Pages: OD Engineer   

Andrew Gorczyca  Reflections - And Act Of Glass: Engineer   

Angela Kaset  Underneath a Vincent VanGogh Sky: Engineer, Musician   

Arlo Gilliam  Arlo Gilliam: Engineer, Mixing   

Ayla Brown  Ayla Brown: Engineer, Mixing   

B.J. Thomas  The Living Room Sessions: Engineer   

Big Al Anderson  Pawn Shop Guitars: Engineer   

Big Al Anderson  After Hours: Engineer   

Brandon Lay  Me and Dixie: Engineer, Mixing, Mastering 

Brooke Moriber  Here And Gone: OD Engineer, Mastering  

Bruce Brown  Off The Edge: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Bryan White  Dustbowl Dreams: Mixing   

Buddy Guy  Rhythm and Blues: Engineer   

Cade Doyle  Leave Your Mark: Engineer, Mixing   

Cars Lightning  McQueen's Fast Tracks: Mixing   

Cars Mater's  Car Tunes: Mixing   

Cassidy Best  Can't Stay Long: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician, Mastering   

Cathy-Anne McClintock  Cathy-Anne McClintock: Engineer   

Charles Milling  Soul Mother: Mixing   

Charlie Daniels  Joy To The World: Producer, Engineer, Mixing   

Charlie Daniels  Deuces: Engineer, Assistant   

Charlie Daniels  Land That I Love: Producer, Engineer, Mixing   

Charlie Daniels  Night Hawk: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Charlie Daniels  Live At Billy Bob's: Engineer   

Charlie Daniels  Hits Of The South: Assistant   

Charlie Daniels Band  Off The Grid: Doin' It Dylan: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician 

Chase Bryant  EP: Engineer, Mixing, Musician  

Chris Cagle  Chris Cagle: Assistant   

Citron  Bibbitovy Panbu: Mastering   

Clementi  Clementi: Engineer   

Colt Ford  Every Chance I Get: Engineer   

Confederate Railroad  Rockin' Country Party Pack: Assistant   

Crackel Barrell  Songs Of The Year: Engineer   

Danielle Bloom  Meet Me In The Middle: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Danni Leigh  A Shot Of Whiskey And A Prayer: Assistant, Musician   

Dave Keefer  Cinnamon and Bourbon: Mixing, Mastering   

Dave Pardue  Mrs. Lightning's Valentine: Assistant   

David Mead  Indiana: Engineer   

David Oakleaf   David Oakleaf and the Open Road: Mastering  

David Oakleaf   Beautiful Vice: Mastering   

Doug Moore  Appalachain Road: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Druha Trava  Shuttle To Bethlehem: Engineer, Mastering   

Dustin Lynch  Where It's At: Engineer, Musician   

Eamonn McCrystal  When In Nashville: Engineer   

Eamonn McCrystal  A Living Prayer: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Eamonn McCrystal  And So It Goes: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Eamonn McCrystal  Where Does The Time Go: Engineer, Musician   

Eddie Heinzelman  Hey Songwriter: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician, Mastering  

Eliska Ptackova  Svym Zpusobem: Mixing, Mastering

Failed Saints  Empty Chair:  Engineer, Musician

Faith Hill  Country Love:  Engineer, Musician   

Felix Cavaliere And Steve Cropper  Midnight Flyer: Engineer   

Ferttita and McClintock  After All This Time: Assistant   

Fran McKendree  Rise: Mixing   

Fran McKendree  Awake: Mixing, Mastering   

Frank Giovetti  The Verge: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician, Mastering   

George Strait  Somewhere Down In Texas: Engineer, Musician   

George Strait  It Just Comes Natural: Assistant   

Georgia Middleman  Unchanged: Mixing

Ginny Wilder  All Clear:  Engineer   

Grand Ole Opry  How Great Thou Art: Mixing

Greg Foresman  Hymns And Devil Music: Engineer   

Guster  Ganging Up On The Sun: Engineer, Assistant   

Handy Manny  Songs Inspired by the TV Series: Engineer   

Heather Eatman  Real: Musician

Hoot  Movie Soundtrack:  Editing, Assistant   

J.D Souther  Natural History: Engineer   

James Dupree  It's All Happening: Engineer, Musician   

Jason Herndon  Arlington Drive and Other Stories: Mastering   

JB Bruck  Comin' Back Alive: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Jean Gauthier  Feels Like Home: Mastering   

Jeff Bates  Leave The Light On: Musician   

Jeff Harding  Look East: Mixing   

Jeff Janikowski  Concussion: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Jeffery Steele Something In The Water: Assistant   

Jeffrey Steele  Gold, Platinum, No Chrome, More Steele: Engineer, Mixing   

Jeffrey Steele  Hell On Wheels: Engineer   

Jennifer Clarke  More Than I Have: Engineer, Mixing   

Jennifer Clarke  Just About Gone: Engineer, Mixing   

Jennifer Clarke  Time Flies: Engineer, Mixing   

Jim Brickman  The Magic Of Christmas: Engineer   

Jimmy Buffett  Take The Weather With You: Assistant   

Jimmy Buffett  Live At Wrigley Field: Engineer   

Jimmy Webb  Just Across The River: Engineer   

Jimmy Webb  Still Within The Sound Of My Voice: Engineer

Jo Harmon  People We Become: OD Engineer 

John Frinzi & Aaron Scherz  Blue Sky View:  Engineer, Musician  

Joe Matheson  Long Gone Lonesome: Engineer, Mixing   

Joe Nichols  Crickets: Engineer, Musician   

John Hiatt  The Tiki Bar Is Open: Assistant   

John Landry  Someday: Assistant   

Johnny Mathis  Sending You A Little Christmas: Engineer

Jordan Hill  XO (Single): Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Joy Lynn White  One More Time: Engineer, Musician   

Judy Akin  Seasoned: Engineer, Mixing, Mastering   

Julia  Into The Unknown: Engineer   

Justin Moore  Off The Beaten Path: Engineer   

Keith Perry  Inspirational Favorites: Assistant   

Kenny Roger  Amazing Grace: Engineer   

Kenny Rogers  The Love Of God: Engineer   

Kenny Rogers  Once Again It's Christmas: Engineer   

Kristin Porter  By The Light Of The Moon: Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Kyle Andrews  Amos In Ohio: Mastering   

Lark Watts  This Town: Engineer, Mixing   

Laura Bryna  Trying To Be Me: Engineer   

Lauren Lucas  On With The Show: Engineer, Mixing   

Lee Ann Womack  I Hope You Dance: Assistant   

Lional Richie  Tuskegee: OD Engineer   

Live Hymnal  Procession: Mixing   

Live Hymnal  Live Hymnal: Mixing   

Luvjoi  Luvjoi: Mastering   

Lylas  Karols In The Key Of G: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Lynda Carter  Crazy Little Things: Engineer   

Lynda Carter  At Last: Engineer   

Make Out With Violence  Soundtrack: Mastering   

Manny Pacquiao  Sometimes When We Touch: Engineer   

Marie Sisters  Marie Sisters: Assistant   

Marshall Chapman  Big Lonesome: Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Marshall Chapman  Blaze Of Glory: Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Max Abrams  Sway: Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Max Abrams  Christmas Jazz Vol. 1: Engineer, Mixing, Musician, Mastering   

Max Abrams  Christmas Jazz Vol. 2: Mixing, Mastering, Musician, Mastering   

Max Abrams  Christmas Jazz Vol. 3: Mixing, Mastering, Musician, Mastering   

Max Abrams  The Big Bash: Mixing, Mastering, Musician, Mastering   

McKendree Spring  No. 9: Engineer, Mixing, Mastering   

Mindy Smith  Long Island Shores: Engineer   

Moe Denham  The Soul Jazz Sessions: Engineer   

Montgomery Gentry  My Town: Assistant   

Moore And Preston  Midnight Train: Mixing, Mastering, Musician   

Moore and Preston On The Border: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Nashville Star The Finalists: Engineer  

Natalie Grace Permission To Fly: Mixing   

November 2nd  Walk With Me: Mastering   

Plumb  Beautiful Lumps Of Coal: Engineer   

Precious Moments  Hallelujah Country: Engineer   

Radney Foster  And Then There's Me: Engineer, Musician   

Radney Foster  Are You Ready For The Big Show?: Engineer   

Radney Foster  Another Way To Go: Engineer   

Rahsaan Barber TrioSoul: Engineer, Mixing   

Randy Houser  How Country Feels: Engineer, mixing, Musician   

Randy Houser  Fired Up: Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Randy Travis  Anniversary Celebration:  Engineer, Editing

Randy Travis  Passing Through: Engineer, Musician, Assistant   

Randy Travis  The Very Best Of: Engineer   

Randy Travis  Rise And Shine: Engineer, Assistant  

Randy Travis  Around The Bend: Engineer, Musician, Assistant   

Randy Travis  Glory Train: Engineer, Musician, Assistant   

Randy Travis  Songs Of The Season: Engineer, Musician, Assistant   

Randy Travis  Worship And Faith: Engineer, Assistant   

Randy Travis  Christmas On The Pecos: Engineer, Mixing   

Randy Travis  Influence, Vol.1: The Man I Am: Engineer   

Randy Travis  Influence, Vol.2: The Man I Am: Engineer   

Reba McEntire  Duets: Engineer   

Restless Heart  Still Restless: Engineer, Assistant   

Rita Wilson  AM/FM: OD Engineer   

Robert Cray  Shoulda Been Home: Assistant   

Robin English  Girl In Love: Engineer   

Rodney Carrington  The Hits: Mixing   

Sandi Anders  The Alchemy of Peace and Love: Mixing   

Schvilkus  Genrealization: Assistant   

Scooter Brown Band  American Son: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Scuttlebuttin'  Makes Me Feel Alive: Mastering   

Shane Lamb  Disengage: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Shane Lamb  Better Here: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician

Shane Lamb  Together, We'll Get Through:  Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Sheila Walsh  Peace: Assistant   

Sound And Shape  Hourglass: Producer, Engineer, Mixing   

Sparkledrive  Sparkledrive: Assistant   

Steve Forbert  Just Like There's Nothin' To It: Engineer   

Steve Tyrell  That Lovin' Feeling: Engineer   

Superdrag  In The Valley Of Dying Stars: Assistant   

TCGC  Call The Lord: Mixing, Editing   

The 5 o'Clock Band  In The Hands Of The Maker: Engineer, Mixing, Mastering   

The Derailers  Genuine: Engineer, Assistant   

The Gaels  Live At The White Horse Tavern: Editing, Mixing   

The Imus Ranch Record  The Imus Ranch Record: Engineer, Assistant 

The Imus Ranch Record II  The Imus Ranch Record II:  Engineer, Musician  

The Kinleys  II: Assistant

The Leonard Small Sitaution  Confluence: Producer, Engineer, Musician   

The Leonard Small Situation  The Leonard Small Situation: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

The Leonard Small Situation  'Twas The Night B-3 Christmas: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

The New Czars  Doomsday Revloution: Engineer   

The Road Hammers  The Road Hammers Engineer: Assistant   

Thunder Brother  Eggs and Toast: Producer, Engineer, Mixing   

Tim Taylor  Music From Big Beige: Mastering   

Trace Adkins  Something's Going On: Engineer   

Tracy Byrd  Greatest Hits: Assistant   

Tristan Israel   The Sound After The Flash:  Mastering   

Tyler James  An EP :  Musician

Various Artists  A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg:  Engineer

Various Artists  Working Man's Poet: A Tribute To Merle Haggard:  Engineer, Mixing, Musician   

Webb Pierce  Caught In The Webb: Assistant   

Williams Riley  A Different Kind Of Country:  Engineer, Mixing, Musician

Willie Nelson  Remember Me, Vol.1:  Assistant Engineer    

Woodsmoke Rising  Woodsmoke Rising: Mastering